About Us

Hanson Wade organises high level business
conferences, on specific topics for business leaders

We pride ourselves on high quality and excellent service. We don’t just provide conferences, but bring people together to inspire change and growth.

What do we do?

We Find The Right Topics and Content:

  • At Hanson Wade, we conduct in-depth market research to find the topics that are most critical and forefront to your industry.
  • Once we’ve found a topic that is business critical for you, we go into further depth to identify what key issues you really care about and construct an agenda based on the needs of the market.
  • We then ask you who are the experts and leaders in this field who could offer you real insight into solutions to the challenges you are facing in your role.

We Select The Right People:

  • The first people we invite are our speakers who are hand picked as leaders in their field because of their experience, knowledge or expertise.
  • We then identify the most viable solution providers who could offer real solutions to our delegates challenges and develop commercial partnerships with them for our meetings.
  • Finally we identify the delegates that need to be in the room in order to facilitate knowledge exchange. We have a very targeted sales and marketing approach so that we’re only selecting the most relevant people in the industry to attend.

We Connect People By The Right Facilitation:

  • Our events host a variety of channels for knowledge sharing within the agenda. From presentations and panel sessions, to roundtable discussions you’re expected to learn as much form the person sitting next to you as the person stood at the podium.
  • Our structured speed networking sessions ensured that within the first networking break you’ve met nearly everyone in the room – and have identified the people that you’d like to speak to in more depth later in the conference.


Hanson Wade was founded on the 18th November 2008 with just 4 members of staff. We’re not just passionate about accelerating growth within other people’s businesses and since then we’ve grown to over 70 members of staff and annual revenues of over £7million earning us a place on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Companies.

We haven’t stopped growing yet – we still have ambitious plans. We plan to keep growing by continually adding value to our customers businesses so they keep coming back – and building long term relationships with the people who attend our meetings. Not to mention offering the best service we possibly can. Our passion is to connect groups of people who love what they do and we plan to keep doing this bigger and better over the years to come.

Our Motto is Love What You Do

Love What You Do is our call to action.
The people that change the world are those that are passionate about their purpose.
Our passion is to connect groups of people who love what they do.
At Hanson Wade we create powerful environments for learning and commercial growth.
We do this through building and sustaining shared communities and conferences for business.
Our passion for what we do drives us to find and connect the right people, the right way, at the right time.
This enabling you to access the people ideas and products that make a difference.