Day One
Wednesday 28th January, 2015

Day Two
Thursday 29th January, 2015

Day Three
Wednesday 29th February, 2014

Early Morning Networking


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Breakfast and Registration

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Conversations that Matter: How to Execute a Robust QSP Strategy?


lose your laptops, put down your cell phones and eavesdrop on exclusive one-on-one interviews played out on stage with key opinion leaders in the field of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology. Through interactive dialogue, this will be your ONLY opportunity be part of an exclusive conversation between those revolutionizing the QSP field as they discuss:

  • What QSP models can offer that PK/PD simply cannot?
  • Why is QSP being so rapidly adopted right now?
  • What are the technical aspects of creating an effective QSP model?
  • Where is QSP going to have the greatest impact throughout drug discovery and development?
  • What are the future trends of the QSP industry?

Speed Networking

Panel Discussion and Open Q&A: Why QSP and Why Now?


How often do you have the chance to have your questions answered by those who constructed and are leading such an exciting field experiencing unprecedented rates of adoption? Well, this is your chance to obtain the answers to these questions and subsequently shape the QSP landscape.

Morning Refreshments

Systems Pharmacology: Science and Non-Science? And so What?


Intro text.

  • The role of QSP in the scientific process and common applications
  • Qualification of QSP models and key aspects of QSP organization adoption


Think Tank Roundtable Sessions


More practical and highly interactive breakout roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions around pre-assigned topic areas. A valuable chance for attendees to unite around hot topics and debate best practice. No more sitting quietly, this is a dedicated opportunity for you to voice your experiences and identify unique solutions.

Afternoon Refreshments

A Strong Three Pillar Temple Can Collapse if Built on Top of a Sink Hole: QSP Provides a Strong Foundation for Clinical Success


  • Justification for the role that QSP in bridging the gap between target and clinical outcomes enabling better human translation
  • Several case studies will be shown demonstrating the impact of QSP in several therapeutic areas including dermatology, ophthalmology and rare diseases

The Added Value of QSP

Lunch and Networking

Using Systems Pharmacology to Identify Predictive Response Biomarkers for Liposomal Drugs


  • Sensitivity analysis of the PK/PD model identifies ktrans, the kinetic parameter describing the liposome extravasation from the leaky vasculature into the tumor
  • Discussion will focus around preclinical data validating ktrans as a predictive response biomarker and the clinical translation of this data

Separation of Compounds That Will Work in vivo From Those That Look Promising in vitro


  • Analysis of this concept in a personalized medicine framework
  • How to quickly identify the single or synergistic dependencies and can we match them to a single compound or combination therapy?

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Building & Executing a QSP Strategy

The Importance of the QSP Model Development Team: Cross-Functional Development and Application of a Metabolic Diseases Systems Pharmacology Model


  • Importance of formation of a cross-functional QSP model development and application team
  • QSP model development and application for a model of metabolic diseases
  • QSP model for hypothesis generation at the PoC stage in drug development

Systems Pharmacology as a Pillar for Translational Medicine: The Pfizer Experience


  • QSP is one of the key tools in building confidence in clinical target validation
  • The need for collaboration of different functions within the QSP scope and coordination of scientific tools to increase confidence in clinical translation

Application of QSP from Drug Discovery to Post-Marketing: Case Studies & Impact on Drug Development


  • Learn from the successes of completed QSP projects that have already had a direct impact on pre-clinical and clinical projects
  • Is there a one-size-fits all approach to the make-up of a functional QSP team?

Afternoon Refreshments

QSP Roundtables


The QSP Congress speaker faculty is second to none but there is just as much knowledge in the audience as there is onstage. Make sure you can tap into the experience of your peers, drive your own learning and get inspired!

  • Regulatory Qualification of QSP Models – how will QSP data contribute to and impact engagements with regulatory authorities throughout drug development
  • QSP and Precision Medicine – what promise does this approach hold and where are the key breakthroughs likely to be made?
  • QSP Training and Education – defining the core competencies of a quantitative and systems pharmacologist and how best to “re-train” established investigators?
  • Building a QSP Infrastructure – how to implement a successful multi-disciplinary QSP team/division based on your requirements

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Close of Day 1

Drinks Reception hosted by Rosa & Co