Uncover Deeper and Broader Levels of Understanding of Drug and Disease Action
As the multi-disciplinary approach of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology evolves to deliver significant added value compared to more classical pharmacology approaches, QSP Congress Europe 2015 will enable you to ascertain the leading applications of QSP.
Target prioritisation, biomarker identification, lead compound selection, clinical trial design, and dose prediction across a wide variety of disease areas, are just some of the leading applications of QSP that will be analysed at QSP Congress Europe 2015.
Power the predictability of your translational research as you harness industry-defining knowledge and insight on how to:

  • Understand and take advantage of the added value of QSP to effectively enhance your translational predictions and development decision making
  • Utilise the results from successful case studies that have defined the field of QSP and driven the applications of this modelling approach
  • Build and maintain a QSP strategy to attain your desired inter-disciplinary team infrastructure
  • Install confidence in the QSP approach and its results to accelerate the adoption of this high level modelling within your organisation
  • Decipher the technical aspects and challenges of building and using QSP models for commercial success